Reverse Autobiography - 60%

  • an A essay has:
    • A clear demonstration of significance in your story, with limited grammatical and structural inconsistency
    • Meaningful interpretation of your story through your narrator's perspective
    • Concrete connections to your goals and/or major
    • Demonstration of understanding of discourse communities
  • a B essay meets 3 of the aforementioned requirements, but 1 is not demonstrated clearly
  • a C essay meets 2 of the aforementioned requirements, but 2 are not demonstrated clearly
  • a D essay meets 1 of the aforementioned requirements, but 3 are not demonstrated clearly
  • an F essay fails to demonstrate any of the requirements listed above

Evidence of Writing - 20%

4 pieces of evidence will need to be included in your portfolio:

  1. A freewrite that shows a connection to your essay
  2. Some other form of invention (outlining, brainstorming, etc.)
  3. An early draft (your peer reviewed draft counts)
  4. Your pre-reversal draft (the one due Monday, Sept. 20th)

Reflective Overview - 20%

This document will address both your seminar instructor and me, and will explain your evidence, as well as your learning insights, along with the requirements given by Rita or Jon. See the attachment for further details: First Reflective Overview!