What Does it Mean to be a College Writer?


Due: Thursday, October 13th by 5pm (or midnight on wiki)

Your portfolio is a means for you to showcase your best (or perhaps worst, if appropriate) work. Many professionals maintain portfolios that exemplify their best qualities and qualifications in the field, typically including projects they've worked on or created, models or documents they've presented, resumes/vitaes, as well as an introductory letter explaining the contents of their portfolio and their interest in the line of work. Your writing portfolio will not be much different.

Throughout the eight weeks before each portfolio is due, you will be given a number or series of writing and reading assignments to be completed before assembling each portfolio. Your writing portfolio will exemplify what you believe is your best work (or work in progress)--work that qualifies you as an academic/professional college student. ;)


The Reflective Overview (or RO) is a typed, double-spaced document. It is the ONLY writing you will do for the portfolio. The RO should have an introduction, as well as AT LEAST one paragraph for each piece of evidence in your portfolio. (It helps if you speak about your pieces of evidence in the order that you've arranged them in your portfolio.)

Included in the Reflective Overview are explanations of what you've learned/accomplished in your studies of writing at "this" point in time.

  • Have you developed as a writer?
  • Why do you think this is?
  • How might have you developed as a writer?
  • How have you developed in your understandings of what it means to be a writer?


Your portfolio consists of the RO and all of the evidence described in the RO.

This essay will show me, and the academic world in general, that you are ready to move on to the next step of your life by critically examining yourself as a growing writer and discussing what you believe to be the most valuble lessons, skills, etc. you now possess. And that's it!