You will be asked to reflect on your experiences at the midway mark of the semester as a means of practicing and developing metacognitive habits and to demonstrate your ongoing learning process. More information will be given in class as mid-term approaches.

INTEGRATED ACTIVITIES – 60% (Homework, P-S Project, Symposium, & Portfolio)

Most of the work we will do in this course will relate to your other courses in the learning community. Much of this work will appear as part of your Portfolio materials. To reward and encourage success on learning community assignments and projects, most of your work throughout the semester will be assessed as part of your Learning Community Integrated Projects (see below). In addition to these projects, your COSC 1345 homework assignments will count for this 10% of your credit in Seminar.

Integrated Project 1: TEAM PROBLEM-SOLVING PROJECT? - 20%

As future professionals, learning how to work effectively in a team setting is vital. In October, you will be placed in a team to design a solution to a problem given to you by a hypothetical client. More information will be provided in the form of a handout and via class discussion. Teams will present the results of their projects at First-Year Symposium on Wednesday, November 30.

Integrated Project 2: FIRST-YEAR SYMPOSIUM – 10%

All learning community students will participate in First-Year Symposium (FYS) at the end of the Fall 2016 semester. First-Year Symposium is an opportunity for students to share their academic work with the campus community. More information will be provided in the form of class discussion and an online assignment description.

Integrated Project 3: PORTFOLIO - 20%

A culminating portfolio, worth 20% of your course grade, will be due near the end of the semester. Evidence of your work throughout the semester will be a significant part of your overall grade (10%) on this project, so be sure to collect and organize these materials as you progress. You’ll also be expected to compose a reflection (also worth 10%) that describes your learning experiences based on the evidence you provide. See the online portfolio descriptions for more information.