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Your final portfolio will ask you to reflect on your most significant learning experiences this fall in relationship to the Habits of Mind and the goals of our program. You will collect evidence and write a document called a Reflective Overview that explains your evidence, why you selected it, and how it relates to what we're trying to do in the first year at TAMUCC.

'''TAMUCC's First-Year Learning Communities Program (FYLCP) Mission Statement'''[[<<]]
The First-Year Learning Communities Program (FYLCP) at TAMUCC empowers students to develop the '''habits of mind''' necessary to succeed as university students and as productive members of a global community by providing opportunities for meaningful connections with students, faculty, and staff.

'''Habits of Mind (%newwin%[[|Source]]):'''
* Curiosity
* Openness
* Engagement
* Creativity
* Persistence
* Responsibility
* Flexibility
* Metacognition

'''Learning Community Goals'''[[<<]]
As members of the FYLCP, first-year students will:
* Explore the connections among academic courses and disciplines in a global context;
* Develop their critical thinking, communication, research, and information literacy skills;
* Enhance their ability to learn through reading, writing, discussion, and collaboration; and
* Reflect on their personal values, goals, and strategies for success.


'''What You Need to Do:'''

Begin by reflecting on your MOST significant learning experiences this fall. Consider everything you've done in ALL of your classes as well as your life outside of the classroom. How have you grown/changed most significantly since the semester started in August?

For each learning experience, you will need to select a piece of EVIDENCE to represent the experience. Evidence can come in many forms (assignments, exams, notes, bills, grades, etc), but the evidence must already exist. {+Do not create evidence just for the purposes of this portfolio!+} Each piece of evidence must be included in the portfolio submission, so you'll likely need to scan or take pictures of some of your selected pieces.

Once you've selected your evidence, you will write something called a "Reflective Overview" (or RO) that will walk your reader through your evidence. The RO should begin with an introductory paragraph that introduces your portfolio to the reader and provides an overview of what's to come. Then, for each piece of evidence, you should (1) describe what it is, (2) describe the significant learning experience or the "story" behind the evidence, (3) connect it to one/more of the Habits of Mind, and (4) relate it to the FYLCP goal (or goals) that you think it demonstrates best. Your RO should end with a satisfying conclusion that accepts all of your evidence as input and returns its value to your overall development this semester.


'''Submission Instructions:'''

Your Fall 2018 Final Portfolio is due to Blackboard on '''Wednesday, December 5 by 11:59pm'''. Please submit a single zip file containing your Reflective Overview document (in Word/PDF format) and an internal folder that includes all of your evidence labeled with meaningful file names. Let me know if you have any questions about how to submit your work.