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'''Research Tools'''
* %newwin%[[|Mendeley]]
* %newwin%[[|Zotero]]
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* [[|Interview & Resume]]
* [[|Elevator]]
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More to come...
'''[+Job Search Resources+]'''

* [[https://drive|resume resources]]
**[[http://www|Get Ready to Get Out There]]
**[[|Customize Your Resume for Best Results]]
**[[|Use Numbers to Highlight Your Accomplishments]]
**[[|Resume Critique Checklist]]

'''[+TAMUCC [[|Career Services]] Resources+]'''

*[[|Overview for Cover Letter]]
*[[|Sample Computer Science Cover Letter]]

*[[ Pitch Suggestions]]
*[[|Informational Interviewing]]
*[[|Interview Practice Makes Perfect]]
*[[|Interview Take-Along Checklist]]
*[[|10 Interviewing Rules]]
*[[|Salary Negotiation Know-How]]
*[[|Step-by-Step Guide to Negotiating a Great Salary]]
*%red%[[|Persuasive Pitches]]
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%newwin%[[|SCRUM rules]]
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More to come...