Today's Freewrite

Integrating Sources

  • Here are some reviews by Richard Marcus, S. Kirk Walsh, James Buchan, Deborah Mack, Julie Wheelwright, John Razook.
  • Get into groups of 3 or 4 and read over some of these reviews.
  • We're going to create a paragraph, discussing the reviews of yay!!
    • Your thesis is that the book is perfectly suited for adapting into a movie.
    • I want you and your groups to use quotations from these articles to prove this argument.
    • Each paragraph must include a direct quotation, a summary, and a paraphrase.
    • This is how you will write your portfolio 3 paper, block by block. Starting with your thesis, you find sources to support your topic, and incorporate it from there. Remember, this is what you think about your topic, and the sources should help you along (or possibly change your thesis a little)
    • Citing the work of others will give you project depth and balance.
    • Remember to condense quotations that are too long, quote the sections that are the most "colorful" (in other words, you couldn't have said them yourself), and give credit for quotes and paraphrases. Stay the hell away from plagiarism!
    • Don't "quote plop." This means, don't just make a quote a whole sentence by itself; incorporate it into your sentences.
  • Here's an example I made, based on the following thesis: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's movie version fell short of the literary work and is an example of why film adaptations of books are not a good idea.
    • The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, long anticipated by fans of the novel, ultimately falls short of expectations and reinforces the idea that movie adaptations of literature have not been as successful as their potential would indicate. The movie version, in this case, has moments of brilliance, but "loses its edge because too much must be explained" (Muller, 2005) to the audience, especially those who have not read the book. While having read the written version is not always prerequisite for these movies, Muller (2005) points out that this particular instance is largely an inside joke for those who have not. In the end, the film demonstrates the difficulty of adapting hugely popular fiction because, in spite of pluses like good individual acting performances, the plot is nearly incoherent for those who have not read the story first, and much of the satire of the book is lost for those fans who expected to find it on the screen (Muller, 2005).
      • (I used Bill Muller's review of the movie to do this.)
  • When You're done, we'll share your work with the class!

then.... survey


  • Go back to your source that you brought for homework today.
    • Try to pinpoint at least one quotation that makes sense for supporting your thesis.
    • Post your quotation to your wiki under a new link called "incorporation homework" by class time on Monday. That's your homework!