Let's watch a quick vid on plagiarism.


  • Freewrite about your understanding of plagiarism and why it's important to avoid it. There's no right or wrong answer to this; sometimes writing about things like this helps us understand our own views and perspectives on it, though.

And, changing gears.... Visual Argument

  • Remember how I told you I will grade your presentations at the FY Celebration?
    • Hint: it's based on your arguments
  • Today I would like you to map that out. So....
  • Check out the Checklist for analyzing images.
  • First, Write down your arguments, being as specific as you can.
  • Then, write out, for use in preparing your visual presentation, how you plan to address each of the things on the checklist in relation to your arguments.
  • I will come around to help as you work on this, and then I'll ask you to share some of your work with each other!

And, back to the original discussion.... Remember that citation is important in your visual presentations, too! If you use an image from the web or a video that was not created by you (you should only be doing this in a limited way, anyway), you must cite the source!!


  • On Monday, you need to have completed a draft of your essay.
    • Remember that a draft does not necessarily have to look like a finished paper.
    • If the chunking was useful to you, putting together some chunks constitutes a draft! This is how I draft, myself!
      • If you're still having trouble with integrating your research, check out this handy guide!
  • Don't let this get away from you, because we won't have much time to finish all this up after you return from Thanksgiving break.
  • Sign up for the First Year Celebration!
    • I will open up the schedule at 2pm, at which time you can add your name to the list
    • Remember to figure out what time you want to sign up for before you click the edit button!
    • Two people can sign up per table, per half hour. If you are working in a group, you can take a whole table for the half hour slot.