Portfolio 3!!

We're moving on to the final portfolio of the semester!

Let's discuss it a little bit before we move on to the....


  • Spend the next 5-10 minutes freewriting about what your plan of action is for this final portfolio. What works best for you in terms of early formative writing? How comfortable are you with your thesis? What steps do you plan to take along the way? etc.....


  • Next, we're going to work in groups to develop our theses (thesis) (that's a funny word, isn't it?).
    • This time, I'll number you off, so that our groups are a bit different.
    • Bring a scratch piece of paper with you to your group
    • Next, you'll need your thesis handy (you did post it right?) Write it out (as best you can from memory if you don't have it posted) at the top of your paper.
    • In your group, read each person's thesis (without discussing it) and write a question about it that addresses your biggest concern with their topic below it.
      • Take your time; do your best to make the question significant.
      • For example, using the thesis from the practice we did:
        • "Though snoring is not currently against the law, Americans should band together in support of legislation that segregates snorers on their own island because snoring is a health hazard, a public safety hazard, and a major contributor to the decline of the family."
        • I might write, "I feel like there would be a lot of animosity between the segregated community of snorers and the rest of us. Therefore, I wonder who would be in charge of the snorers, one of their own, or someone outside of their island?"
      • Do this for each thesis in your group.
  • These questions will be the basis for what you want to address in your argument.
    • Use this exercise as a beginning to your early writing for this project.
    • Whatever you feel comfortable with as an inventive step could come out of this, whether it is listing, cubing, clustering, outlining, or something else that works for you.

Exit Slips

  • Before we leave, I would like to get some feedback about the class so far.
    • Tear a sheet of paper in half and share one with your neighbor.
    • Take a moment to write, anonymously, a quick note about how you feel this class has been so far.
  • Once you submit it (leave it on the table nearest the door), you can go!


  • Read the chapter in the Islander Guide on Visual Rhetoric (p.67)
  • Complete the invention stage of your writing process before Monday's class - this is another homework grade, so don't forget!