• Let's start today by thinking about the things we accomplished in our first portfolios and also what we could have improved on. Try to pinpoint in this freewrite one specific thing that you felt you accomplished with excellence in your first portfolio and also something specific that you know that you could have improved upon.

Subject Selection

  • Topics!
  • Take your 5 most important things on your list.
    • Ask yourself whether they are "subjects", "topics", or "topic angles".
    • Translate the ones that aren't "subjects" into them. This will mean identifying the broader concept (the big picture) that they fall into.
    • See if any of the things that didn't get circled fit into a subject with those that you did circle. These might be especially relevant for your research!
  • Next, we'll make a list of some of all your subjects.
    • The more commonly shared subjects will be the basis for your groups!


You can access these groups from the top of the Student Pages.


  • Take another look at the 5 things you circled on your list and write a short paragraph (a couple/few sentences) about at least one that fits into the subjects that we listed today.
  • In each, ask yourself:
    • Is this something that I might be able to research? What about this topic interests me?
  • If it isn't a topic that is researchable, is there anything related to this topic that might be somewhat controversial?
  • Bring your writing on Monday!