• You just wrote a bunch of history knowledge! Vent about it!


Your Negotiation Report is a combination of two writing elements, a Review and a Proposal. Lets watch a video and discuss some basics to clarify what information those two things entail.

  • Literature Review
  • Proposal
    • Now take some time to brainstorm gaps that you can pursue.
    • Identifying these gaps will help you continue your research by giving you specific things to look for as your proceed.
    • Keep a working list of gaps that need to be filled; ones that are hard to fill are the best ones to write your argument about!


  • For homework, you need to sign up for your conferences!
  • Remember to choose your time before you click on the edit button!
    • If you hang around on the edit page too long, someone else is gonna edit it in the meantime
    • When this happens, you get a funky-ugly page and it makes signing up harder for everyone after you
    • Please don't do it!
  • Bring at least 3 sources of information about your topic that don't qualify as peer-reviewed scholarly sources (they can still be scholarly!), but that help to round out your understanding of your topic.
    • We will be using these in class on Monday, so don't forget to have them available, either online or by other means!


demonstration of what happens when you edit simultaneously