Negotiation Report Examples

Here's the deal:

  • I wrote an example of the Negotiation Report.
    • I read it and re-read it (and re-read it).
      • I couldn't see how it would help you without making some potentially "cookie-cutter" essays.
      • I also didn't want to create the potential for plagiarism.
  • I made a new example, minus most of the content.
    • You can use this example (use the correct one!) as a guideline for your peer reviews by checking that the information discussed in the example is covered in the essay you are reviewing!
      • If you are reviewing a "partial" Report, make sure to point out whether that part covers what it should, as well as what parts it doesn't cover!

And so......

Let's Peer Review!

  • Get into groups of FOUR!
    • Try to select people whose opinions you haven't sought before.
    • Take time to examine each other's Reports and compare them to the example.
    • Flag me down if you have questions!


  • You know what you need to be doing over the weekend!
  • Have a great Halloween, too!
  • Monday is a workshop day.
    • Bring your materials to finish up your projects individually.
    • There is no participation grade associated with Monday's class, but don't skip your other Triad-M classes if you don't make it to mine. This is not a free day, just an opportunity for you to work on your port-floios wherever you feel most comfortable!