• Today's freewrite is actually not really a freewrite. I'd like you to start making closer connections between your history lessons and the things we are doing in here, so....
    • Think back to the Flight discussions. During Zits' time as Gus, he reflects on when he was twelve:
    • "this rich Seattle dude decided to start a charity for disadvantaged youth. He was going to take us homeless and pointless kids on "educational journeys" around the world. The rich guy's motto: "How can you be a part of the world if you haven't seen the world?"
  • Now think about the things you've been learning about Imperialism in history lecture. How is the Seattle philanthropist's mission a metaphor for Imperialism? What role does that put Zits in?
    • Answer these questions instead of freewriting today.
    • There is no wrong answer to this, but try to answer as thoughtfully as you can!
  • I'll give you a full ten minutes to be sure that you have plenty of time.

Research Discussion

  • Let's spend some time discussing your initial research as a class.
    • This is your opportunity to collaboratively problem-solve any setbacks you may have had so far in your research!
    • By sharing your difficulties with the class, we might be able to help your classmates avoid the same problems.
    • Also, your classmates can show you what they may have done if faced with similar issues!

Negotiaition Report


  • Begin the writing process for your Negotiation Report!
    • As you continue your research, think about how it connects to the research you've already found.
    • Use some form of invention (brainstorming, outlining, etc.) to "connect the dots".
    • Bring your pre-writing, whatever genre it may be, to class on Monday so that we can share our thoughts!