Peer Review!

Please log in so that we can get started ASAP! you will need to pick a peer review partner and find their draft from the student pages.

Once you have found it, open it in word and read it all the way through.

After you have read the entire draft, go back and use track changes to make three specific notes in the margin:

  1. Highlight the one sentence in the passage that you think best represents the main idea (the significance) of the narrative. This will serve as the point of reference for expanding this draft.
  2. Find one thing that you would like to know more about. Leave at least one question in the margin that will help the writer to better communicate their message to you, the reader.
  3. Leave a comment that describes, with details, exactly what your favorite thing about this narrative is. Don't be vague or holistic about this; pick something specific and explain why you liked it!

Flight Discussion!

When you have finished peer review, bring your chair around to a circle, like we did last Friday. Try not to disturb others who are still working.


Before you leave, sign up for conferences on Monday or Wednesday on the sheet I have. Be sure to write down the time you signed up for!

We will be meeting outside the First Year Office (FC253) and you will not meet in our classroom on these days! Be sure to attend History and Seminar, though!

Most importantly, you need to bring a revised draft! Take the comments from today's peer review and use them to expand and elaborate on your narrative. Try to build up the significance of your story; why should your reader care about your story; what do you hope they take away from your story that they didn't have before; what is your main point?