Section 163 (8:30am Class) & Section 162 (11am class)

1Christina, Lori, Farrah, Jazzlynenvironmental stuff1Cheyene, Alissa, Christiansimpacts of oil industry on gulf environment
2Brittani, Ruthie, Savannah, Carsongender inequality2Giselle, Josh, Cheyenne, Jessicasexual assault on college campuses
3David, Haylee, Nickhomelessness3Victoria, Jocelyne, Heather, Scottdrug use and homelessness
4Shannon, Nate, Emilygun control4Lauren, Samantha, Daniel, AbbyHomelessness among veterans
5Jackson, Korbyn, Aliciadomestic violence5Jordan, Kyle, Natalie, Ericamarriage equality

Section 161 (1pm Class) & Section 142 (2pm class)

1Juliann, Brandi, Whitneygender roles in schools1Katie, Janett, Sarah, SethTrump's tax plan/effects on middle class
2Audrey, Chaslee, Tori, WaylonMexican immigration2Megan, Joshes, Jakegender wage gap
3Cyndi, Ashleigh, Kerry, Ish the Swishgender difference in sexual assault justice3Laura, Hannah, Destini, SydneyBrzenski(?) attacked by Trump on twitter
4Nate, Danyelle, Taylor, Emrygender wage inequality4Brittany, Lauren, FrancisTransgender ban in military
   5Desiree, Mariano, Kara, Kimbeauty/masculinity gender norms
   6Mayra, Shemar, Andres, Xaviertransgender military ban