'1. What major factors facilitated the European conquest and colonization of North America? Discuss the role of violence/war, trade, and environmental (biological and ecological) factors.

'Violence and war were major factors because of King Phillip's War, the Pequot War, Yamassee War. amd de Las Casas and the encomienda system. Indians became reliant on European goods and started to lose their tradtitional cradt skills; overhunting animals like beavers for their fur led to depopulation of those animals; when the game depleted, the Indian economy collapsed because they had nothing to trade. Trade increased competition between Indians. Trade increased contact which led to the spread of disease. Ecological imperialism occured, which means that European plants and animals took over Native American plants and animals. Virgin soil epidemics occured when the population encountered disease for the first time. There was no knowledge of quarantine, caretakers were ill, and there were consecutive simultaneous attacks.-Kayleigh Waisner