First-Year Celebration!

Wednesday, November 30th

All first-year students are required to participate in First-Year Celebration (FYC). Some of you may already be doing something at FYC for your English Composition (ENGL 1301) class that you're enrolled in OUTSIDE of Triad M.

For Seminar, FYC is worth 15% of your final grade. My goal is to make this project as "painless" AND helpful as possible. So, we're going to complete the project IN CLASS and you'll work in groups.

Oh, and this project will DEFINITELY help you with Exam #3 in Dr. Moore's class! Basically, you will work in groups to create posters that answer one of the essay questions for the upcoming exam. In addition to earning an "easy" 15% for Seminar, you'll also be preparing for your next exam. (I'm sneaky, huh?)

Here are your basic requirements for the project:

  • Be in class on the two project work days. Absences on these days WILL affect your grade on the project!!!
    • Monday, November 21 - Planning, data collection, drawing out a rough draft
    • Monday, November 28 - Putting the poster together (so, you'll need to bring printed out materials with well as stuff to decorate your poster!)
  • Once your team decides on roles for each team member, make sure to do your part!
  • Sign up for a presentation time slot on Wednesday, November 30th to stand by your poster and answer questions about it!