In college you will often be asked to find sources to use in research papers...

  • Academic/Scholarly Sources: Books, Journal Articles
  • "Credible" Sources: Magazine Articles, Newspaper Articles, Websites(?)

Today you're going to practice finding different types of sources. (Show us your research skillz!)

Please get into THESE groups!

  • Our topics?
  • You will have roughly 20 minutes to try to locate and check out a book source related to your topic
  • You will also need to locate and record an article related to your topic. You can do this here, on a laptop, or in the library!
  • Please return 10 minutes before the end of class or you will forfeit your points for today!
  • Have fun! (I'll be here to help if you need it!)


  • How'd it go?
  • What was the easiest to find? The hardest?
  • Lessons learned?