From Framework for Success in Postsecondary Writing (2011):

Habits of mind refers to ways of approaching learning that are both intellectual and practical and that will support students' success in a variety of fields and disciplines.

Two of the eight Habits of Mind:

  • Responsibility - the ability to take ownership of one's actions and understand the consequences of those actions for oneself and others
  • Engagement - a sense of investment and involvement in learning

The Prompt:

Your responsibility and engagement this semester are indicative of your future success in more ways than you may realize. Do you believe you are a responsible and engaged student? Why or why not? Discuss your responsibility and engagement as a college student inside and outside of our learning community (LC), using specific evidence regarding attendance, assignments, and exam performance. Conclude your argument with a plan for responsible and engaged behaviors that will help you move forward in the second half of the semester.

Advice and Requirements:

  • Honesty is always appreciated. It is okay to admit that you might not be as engaged and/or responsible as you (or I) would like you to be.
  • Your reflection should be organized to clearly demonstrate distinct evidence for your assessment of both responsibility and engagement, as well as your plan for the rest of the semester.
  • The evidence you provide should serve as proof of the claims you are making. Include specific examples in your discussion.