Come prepared with your source materials, including access to any online information you plan to utilize, or work you have saved to a flash drive or in an email attachment.

Today we will be working with your feature article. I expect you to use your class time today to begin or continue drafting it. By this point, you should have read several sources about your topic, as well as having planned out the way they might work together to demonstrate multiple perspectives within a larger discussion. The work you do today should build on that knowledge to create a platform from which your topic will be presented to your audience.

Consider these things while writing today:

  • What foreknowledge might your audience have about your topic?
  • How can you utilize your research to instigate fresh inquiries about this issue?
  • What feeling or attitude do you hope your reader walks away from your article with?

and most importantly, ask your self...

  • So What? Why is this important (to you, to your audience, to society, to the historical context, to future generations)?

Keep in mind that if you are in the earliest stages of drafting, things like grammar and syntax are not the most important elements yet. Try to get your ideas onto the page and develop your own thoughts by putting them into words.


  • If you have not already signed up for your conference next week, do so ASAP! If you are having trouble with the wiki, contact me so that I can help you.
  • Finish your Annotated Bibliography over the next week. It is due on Monday, March 8th at the beginning of class; plan accordingly.