Narrowing the Topic

Narrowing the Topic:

  • Spend a few minutes thinking about where you would submit a feature article for publication. Remember that most features are found in newspaper supplements or magazines, but they are not limited to those alone! Look at the list below for an idea of what to consider!
  • Get into new groups. Each group member will present his/her topics to the group. This must include:
    • What topic(s) you have explored
    • Why you are interested in the topic(s)
    • What periodical you intend to write the feature article for
    • Why you think the topic will interest the audience of that periodical
  • Group members will respond by taking notes during each presentation, answering:
    • Does this topic interest you or not? If not, why not? If so, what is interesting?
    • What aspects about the topic might the author consider?
    • Will it work for a feature story? Is it too broad or too narrow for the assignment?
    • Are there multiple perspectives on the issue?
    • How hard will it be to find good, credible sources for this topic?

When you're done, collect the notes from your group members and add them to your folder. This is great for reference and potential prewriting evidence for your portfolio.

  • Here's the topic sign-up sheet again. Go ahead and sign up for topics if you haven't already!


  • Choose another feature article from G2, as well (or another site, if you would like; be SURE it's a feature article you're using); you will be using it for class Thursday.
  • Revise your topic angle, if you need to. Remember, this will be your topic for the rest of the semester, so make sure you have a strong interest in investigating and exploring this topic!
  • Finish your portfolios!