• I would like you to think today about your own personal biases. Write quickly about your discourse communities, keeping in mind the topic that you have been researching and how your own biases and influences affect your interpretation of the articles (and other sources) that you have investigated. What personal beliefs do you value? What social practices or groups inform your personal values?
  • This is a particularly introspective freewrite, so take 15-20 minutes to complete it, making sure to explore things that may have been part of your life in the past that have guided you to the person you are today.

Community Activism

  • Check out these interest groups and see if you can find one that relates to your topic.
  • After exploring their website (you can do this in partners, if you like), write for about 15 minutes describing what you have found that is significant to your own Issues Watch. How do people organize to make change? How much impact do these groups have?
  • I will come around as you are writing and help your investigation. If you find something especially useful, we might share it with the rest of the class :)

Exit Slips


  • Develop your drafts for your project document.
  • Try to incorporate some of the things we have discussed today, thinking about your role in the issue you've selected.
  • Bring 3 copies of your draft for peer review on Tuesday. Don't worry about how well edited it is or how complete it is - just be sure to come prepared to provide constructive criticism for your classmates.

(P.S. Try to get your draft printed and ready before Tuesday. Sometimes printer troubles or other unforeseeable problems keep us from having drafts for review. Don't let those kind of issues prevent you from getting valuable feedback from your peers.)