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Peer Review

Consider key elements of revision:

  1. One or two sentences that explain what the overall message or point is. What should readers be able to take away from reading this?
  2. At least one thing you like about the paper. What did the writer do especially well?
  3. At least one thing that you are unsure about, having trouble with, or that still needs work.

Remember: You are the author of your writing. Letting someone comment on your writing can be helpful because it lets you get a perspective from another reader who is not you. Often, if two readers make the same comments, it is an indication that others might react the same way. However, if you do not agree with something a peer says or writes - if you do not want to make a particular change that someone suggests - then don't! You have the final say. Most important to revision is that you understand why you do or do not make a change.


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