• Begin the thought process for your Project Document.
  • Think about the things you have learned from your first Issues Watch and the activities that have led up to it.
  • What are the main points of your topic, as discussed by your sources?
  • What should your Document look like? How will you organize the information you are collecting?

Persuasion in the Media

  • Let's take a look at This link
  • As we look at the descriptions (and ads), let's discuss the methods of persuasion used in each.

How to Detect Bias in the News

  • Are you still having trouble detecting bias in the news articles you are reading? Try reading over this website on the Media Awareness Network and see if it can help resolve any lingering questions you still have: How to Detect Bias in the News

Revisiting IWDs

  • Use the rest of your classtime to revise your second IWD.
  • I will come around to answer any questions you may have and offer what help I can.


  • Conferences are on Monday and Tuesday next week.
  • Sign up for a conference time by adding your name to a time slot on the class plans.
  • Make sure to bring something with you for me to read. If you have begun drafting for your Project Document over the weekend, bring that along with your first two Issues Watch papers.
  • Be on time! Don't be discourteous to your fellow classmates by encroaching on their time slots.
  • Don't forget to sign up! Conferences count double on your attendance grade - don't miss out on easy points!