Turn in your proposals

Start Thinking about Groups

I've written each category of research on the board. Write your name and your topic under the appropriate category.

  • Get into groups, based on the category you belong to.
  • Discuss how your topics are related. If two of you are researching the same issue, see if you can't narrow and decide who's going to focus on what.
  • Discuss all the upcoming assignments, and how you see your research applying to all of these assignments.

Daily Writing

Create a daily writing link for today, and respond to the following prompts:

  • List the title and author of each book you checked out from the library.
  • Identify one chapter or section you'll read first. Add this to your daily writing.
  • Go to Academic Search Complete and find three articles on your topic. Try to find varying perspectives. Copy and paste the title and author into your daily writing, and email yourself the articles.

Apply the Writing Process to the Take-Home Exam

  • What are the elements of the writing process?
  • Seminar leaders' expectations for these exams will be higher than those for an in-class exam.


  • Apply all stages of the writing process to the take home history exam. Good luck!
  • Read an article or a chapter of a book on your topic.
  • Take notes and bring these, and your article or book, to class on Monday.