• Take some time to freewrite about the sources you looked for over the weekend.
    • Be sure to think about your record keeping; is your tracking of your research process effective, or do you feel as though you're leaving some things out that might help you with further research?

Composing Source Reviews

As we go through the different steps, refer to the specific source and notes from your homework assignment.

  • Creating correct citations.
    • This is critical. If you don't get these right, your in-text citations won't be right either.
    • Using Academic Search Complete to create citations for periodicals.
    • Using Easy Bib to create citations for books. Make sure you identify the specific chapter you are reviewing.
  • Let's review each element
    • Identify the Source & Determine its Credibility
      • Books: describe who the author is. Google the author if there is not information in your book.
      • Newspaper and journal sources. Describe the publication. Use Ulrich's Periodicals.
    • Summary
      • Use the article abstract, but do not plagiarize. These need to be in your own words.
    • Choosing quotes
      • Avoid factual statements. Find the "wow" quote in the article. Sometimes, the quote may be from someone other than the author (eg. an article regarding the war in Iraq quoting former Defense Secretary Bill Gates). Make sure you introduce who is speaking in your Source Review.
    • Rhetorical Analysis.
      • You know how to do this part!
      • This link may help, as well.


  • Write your first Source Reviews. Upload them to your wiki as an electronic document. I won't collect printed versions of these, but I will count this as a homework grade.
  • Read Chapter 19:Evaluating and Using Sources in EAA.