Special Instructions!

  • I'll tell you what to do with your drafts!


  • Just a quick freewrite today: for a few minutes, explore your ideas about how themes in Mericans translate into current issues/events!

Writing Group Practice

(Note: These are very broad topics - you must narrow them down to a specific, explicit argument).

  • Once you've decided on a theme and narrowed down a topic, you'll create your claim.
    • Focus on a specific topic within the theme (e.g. the minimum wage, under workplace reform) and come to agreement on a thesis (e.g. the minimum wage should be tied to cost of living)
    • If you need to do some investigation to make this happen, then do it quickly!
  • Within your groups, you'll be responsible for creating all three rhetorical appeals, Ethos, Pathos, and Logos!
    • These arguments will be presented to the class, and also will serve as a foundation for your initial topic exploration for your Research Journal!


  • Chapter 3 Reading Response for Triangle is due at the beginning of class on Friday!
    • Write at least one paragraph per prompt:
  1. The primary demands of the union, listed on page 59, reflected Progressive ideas about labor. Describe the significance of these demands and, in your own words, explain what "better treatment" means.
  2. Religion and gender in Italian and Jewish households in early 20th century New York is described as being distinctly different. Explain why this presented problems or advantages for both the strikers and for the shirt waist companies.
  3. What role does publicity play in the success of the strikers and the factory owners' response to it?
  • Part of your Rhetorical Analysis grade depends on your participation during Friday's class. If you are anticipating not being here or have some legitimate reason (illness, etc.) for not being here, let me know in advance so that I can coordinate my plans for that day. Make-up work for Friday's class will not be given without a University Approved Excused absence, though!