Sean is out today. Please complete the assignment below and read the homework. Email him with questions! - Rita

Research Workshop

What pieces of the puzzle are you missing? The Source Reviews you include in your Research Journal should represent the best and most relevant sources on your topic, and should address varying perspectives. Do some more research, and locate 3 new articles or book chapters on your topic. Then, open a freewrite link and respond to the following prompts:

  • List each source and describe the primary perspective of the source.
  • Describe "pros" and "cons" of why this source should "make the cut" and be included in your Research Journal.
  • Finally, describe how this source broadens your understanding of your topic or issue.


  • Write your second Source Review. Remember, your Source Reviews should represent multiple perspectives on your topic.
  • Bring printed versions of the 2 completed source reviews to class on Monday. These will count as a homework grade. I'll review these and give you some feedback.