Catching Up

Let's revisit the topics for Friday's freewrite. You don't need to freewrite again, but I want to discuss your responses as a class.

MLA In-Text Citation Quiz

Don't panic...the idea here is to test your knowledge and fine tune your use of in-text citations. After the quiz, we'll talk about each example. Completion of the quiz will count as your daily writing grade for today.

Questions About Source Reviews?

I'll return the ones you submitted today with feedback later in the week. Based on my feedback, you'll need to revise your Source Reviews before you put them in your Research Journal.

Any Time Left? Begin Drafting Your Next Source Review

Make sure you are following the instructions for completing Source Reviews carefully as you do these. You may also refer to the checklists we used last week.


  • Finish your 3rd Source Review. Bring a printed version of this to class on Wednesday; it will count as a homework grade.
  • COMPINAR on Wednesday! You'll only meet during your seminar class time. Make sure you bring three pieces of evidence you are planning on using for your Triad M Portfolio.