• Today, I'd like you to think about how any sources you've collected so far make their arguments.
    • Are there rhetorical techniques in these different perspectives that you can take advantage of in creating your own argument?
    • Do certain methods of discussing your topic seem to work better than others?
    • How might you benefit from the ongoing conversation when you add your voice to it?

Practicing APA

Continuing Your Debate

  • In a new wiki link on your student page, I'd like you to begin mapping out the conversation.
    • Start by listing the main perspectives you've uncovered so far in your research. You might rely on your assessment of the author to do this.
    • Next, address how people have agreed or disagreed about the discussion surrounding the issue? Do your initial feelings about this topic align with any particular source you've found?
    • Finally, write a brief explanation of how this topic is relevant in America today. We'll be exploring this further on Wednesday!
    • This organization should help you construct your Research Journal in a way that demonstrates multiple perspectives. You will most likely be adding to this as you continue your research, but you can use this to build on as you add to your understanding of the topic and conversation!


  • Continue your research and double-check and/or add citations for your entries!
  • Sign up for a Conference on Friday!