Daily Writing: Pre-Writing the Reflective Overview

Open a new freewrite for today and respond to the following prompts:

  • List a piece of evidence you've decided to include in the portfolio (refer to your list)
  • Clearly explain what the piece of evidence is
  • Next, argue why/how you think it represents your persistence as a college student or writer. How is the piece of evidence proof of your persistence? (In other words, what's the "story" behind the evidence?)
  • Repeat the previous steps for each piece of evidence you've decided to include!

Use your Pre-Writing to Start a Draft

Your final RO should be very different from your daily writing. For your final draft, make sure you revise to include:

  • An effective introduction. Many of you needed work on your introductions in Writing Project 1, so be cognizant of this.
  • Sophisticated transitions. This link gives you some great transitional words and phrases to help with this.
  • A conclusion that ties everything together and reflects on your persistence as a student and writer thus far based on the evidence you've collected.

Connecting to your Journal Reflection

  • What important points from today's practice can you utilize in your Research Journal?
  • Also, let's discuss a few things about your Source Review drafts:
    • remaining objective
    • incorporating quotes
    • using scholarly sources
    • headings/titles
    • explaining significance, not just information


  • Finalize your decisions regarding the evidence you want to include in your Triad M Portfolio.
  • Draft a Reflective Overview, using your daily writing today.
  • Bring an electronic version of your Reflective Overview to class on Monday for peer review.
    • This will count as a homework grade.
  • Read the short story Mericans, by Sandra Cisneros.
    • We'll use this to connect some ideas within the Triad and discuss perspective.