• Freewrite today about how your portfolio ideas connect with the rest of your schoolwork.
    • Does your evidence improve your understanding of the Triad?
    • Are your portfolio reflections helpful for your research?
    • How can you use this portfolio experience to enhance your other schoolwork?

Portfolio Wrap!

  • wiki
  • editing/publication
  • questions?

Scholarly Sources - Last Chance!

  • encyclopedias
  • non-scholarly publications
  • government documents
  • dissertations/theses
  • research log, BTW?


Put the finishing touches on your Triad M Portfolio. These are due tomorrow by 5pm (printed versions), or by midnight, via wiki.

  • Make sure your portfolio, whether electronic or paper, is well organized.
  • Drop off folders (not binders) at Rita's office (FC 117)
  • Copy and paste the url to your online portfolio to the Dropbox.
    • Use the example link to format your submission; your url should take the place of the one in the example and your name should replace mine (of course). Don't erase the example, though!
    • Don't make any changes to any of your links after the midnight deadline, or points will be deducted.
  • Bring your research log to class on Friday!