Writing Project 1 Workshop Questions???

You should have an electronic version of your most recent draft of Writing Project 1.

Draft Pointers

  • Here are some common issues I identified in the drafts that you gave to me; let's discuss these before we freewrite and edit today:
    • Be sure that your thesis makes an argument about whatever argument you identified in Alvarez's writing. The project description states that "According to Lunsford and Ruszkiewicz, a rhetorical analysis helps you understand arguments. They further say, 'You perform a rhetorical analysis by analyzing how well the components of an argument work together to persuade or move an audience'" (104). Identifying her argument is only half the battle!
    • You don't need to point out that Alvarez uses Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to make her argument. These elements are an implicit part of argumentation and, thus, are inherently present in an argument. Instead, you might point out more specific ways that she uses them, such as through metaphor, statistical data, or testimonial.
    • Refer back to your thesis in your conclusion! The Dylan/Victoria's Secret example from the book does a great job of this by stating that "just because you can hire Bob Dylan as the figurehead of your lingerie line, doesn't mean you should" (96). Think about why this is effective.
    • Be careful not to over-elaborate your summary. The purpose of the summary is to highlight some key points that you'll explain further in your analysis, not retell the entire story.


  • Freewrite about at least 3 different concerns or questions you have about your writing that you would like your peer editor to address or examine.
    • Try to focus on local, rather than global, concerns.
    • If there are suggestions from the beginning of class that you still need to address, you may also focus on those.
  • When you're finished, open your draft.
    • Copy and paste the specific concerns or questions from your freewrite onto the top of your draft.

Second Review (Editing)

  • Working with someone in your writing group, switch computers and, using track changes, give your partner feedback on their draft.
    • Use the concerns and questions they've posted on their draft as guidelines for your editing review.
  • When you are done, have your reviewee save their draft (with a new # in the file name), then upload the edited draft to your freewrite link.
    • Before class is over you should have your edit of someone else's paper in your writing group uploaded to today's daily writing link on your wiki page:


Complete Writing Project 1. You might get with someone in your writing group for a final, local edit of your paper before you submit it.

  • A PRINTED copy of Writing Project 1 is due at the beginning of HISTORY on Monday. Please be aware of the Triad M late work policies as outlined on the syllabus.
  • Please also print out a Rubric and submit this with your paper.