Discussion Facilitation

  • Today we will give the floor to facilitators for presentations over the chapter. Today's presenters are:
    • Section 527 - Lions & Tigers & Bears!
    • Section 526 - #sucks2suck
  • Everyone not presenting should turn in a Reading Response.

Freewrite and Applied Practicetranslated from Merican

  • Now that we've discussed Ethos as a class, I'd like each of you to freewrite about how Ethos plays a role in Cisneros's story.
  • Once this is complete, you'll work in your groups to find examples from Mericans.
    • Each group should first identify a specific argument in the text.
    • Then, making note of where the argument is specified, you'll identify how Ethos is used to support it.
    • As a class, we'll discuss what you've found; taking notes from this will help you with your Rhetorical Analysis!
  • If we have time, we can have a little fun with Ethos, as a class.
We'll spend whatever time we have left discussing the efficacy of this message's credibility, authority, and motive.


  • Read Chapter 4 from EAA. Complete a Reading Response in which you respond to the following prompts.

If your group is facilitating the discussion of Chapter 4, you do not have to complete a Reading Response. Instead, prepare your facilitation.

  • Write a definition of Logos in your own words.
  • What are the four types of evidence described in Chapter 4? Define each in your own words, and provide an example (not from the chapter text).
  • In your own words, define the three types of logical structures for argument discussed in the chapter.
  • Browse this article for some scientific discoveries that logical appeals have been made from (eg. We should reduce carbon emissions; we should vaccinate; we should protect endangered species). Choose one of the examples and discuss why a logical appeal may or may not be effective.
  • The following groups need to be prepared to present at the beginning of class on Wednesday:
    • Section 527 - Nike
    • Section 526 - Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad
  • Today's facilitators should print and fill out the Evaluation Form to turn in to me on Wednesday.