Hellooooo Writing Project 2!

As soon as you log in, read through the project description.

Freewriting: Brainstorming on a Topic

  • First, before you think about the broad topics, list three things, anything, you are passionate about (this could be a hobby, a cause, a favorite kind of music, etc).
  • Describe why you're passionate about this.
  • Try to figure out if any of the three things you just listed are connected to any of the Triad M broad themes, and describe the connection:
    • War
    • Capitalism/Consumerism
    • Immigration
    • A Specific Group in the Minority in the U.S.
    • Civil Rights
  • Then, choose one of the categories listed above. Describe some aspect of this very broad category you'd like to know more about.

Class Discussion: Making Connections

Let's talk about some of your ideas...and look ahead to how you'll use this research:


  • Based on your daily writing and our class discussion, come up with three possible topics.
  • Find at least two articles from the Bell Library databases on each topic.
  • Email these articles to yourself. You'll need to be able to access them for Wednesday's daily writing in class.