Discussion Facilitation

  • Today we will give the floor to facilitators for presentations over the chapter. Today's presenters are:
    • Section 527 - Nike
    • Section 526 - Jumping Amazing Super Optimistic Noodle Squad
  • Everyone not presenting should turn in a Reading Response.

Freewrite and Applied Practicejust the facts

  • Now that we've discussed Logos as a class, I'd like each of you to freewrite about how Logos plays a role in both Cisneros' discussion of cultural identity and Triangle's examination of early 20th century politics.
    • Think back to your Triangle reading response and how you could have addressed these things in that assignment!
  • Once this is complete, you'll work in your groups to discuss your examples!
    • Each group should first identify a specific argument in the text.
    • Then, making note of the page number where the argument is specified, you'll identify how Logos is used to support it.
    • As a class, we'll discuss what you've found; taking notes from this will help you with your Rhetorical Analysis!
  • Keep in mind that we're not exactly wired for logic...


  • Read Chapter 6 from EAA.
  • Review the instructions for Writing Project 1.
  • Using your daily writing, begin drafting the rhetorical analysis section of the paper.
    • Use the lessons from the book to help you identify claims made by the author.
    • Define these claims based on the different uses of Pathos, Ethos, and Logos given in EAA.
    • Write, in your own words, how these claims might be perceived by different audiences. Do the different claims make more sense for different audiences?
  • SAVE this version of Writing Project 1 as "WP1 Draft 1." Be sure that you have access to an electronic version of this early draft in class on Monday (either on your wiki, on a flash drive, or emailed to yourself).
  • Today's facilitators should print and fill out the Evaluation Form to turn in to me on Friday.