Explore Your Possible Topics

Freewrite about your potential topics

  • List the three possible topics you are exploring, and then list the titles of the articles you found for each topic (you should have a minimum of 3 topics and 6 articles total)
  • For each topic, what's something new you've already learned from skimming the articles? Be specific!
  • For each topic, explain what you want to learn by researching this particular subject.

Talk about your potential topics

  • Get into your writing group and introduce your potential topics to the group.
  • Give each member some feedback on their choices, and how you think the topic will work for the specific assignments.
  • Provide each group member new questions to use to find out more about their topic.

READ about your potential topics

  • Let's review how to browse the Bell Library book stacks.
  • Add call numbers for books to your daily writing for each topic.


  • Go to the library and browse the stacks for each of your potential topics.
  • If you see a book you find relevant and interesting, skim the table of contents and the preface or overview.
  • DECIDE ON A TOPIC. You'll need to be committed by Friday. Check out books you can use for the topic, once you've chosen it.
  • Begin keeping some kind of a log of all the articles and books you think may be useful (you should already have located 2 articles from the databases, in addition to your books). Organize this is any way you want, electronically or a hand written list or note cards. You'll need to refer to your log to complete the Research Journal, and you'll find this helpful as you complete the subsequent projects in this class.
  • Write a brief proposal in which you address the following:
    • Identify the question, problem or topic you intend to address and why it's important.
    • Describe how your topic "fits" into one of the required categories for Triad M: War, Capitalism/Consumerism, Immigration, A Specific Group in the Minority in the U.S. Civil Rights.
    • Explain why you are drawn to this topic, and what you hope to accomplish by researching it.
  • Please bring your proposals to class in printed format on Friday. This will count as a homework grade.