Where and when will FYS take place?

  • Tuesday, November 29th from 9:00-3:00pm all Triad K students will participate in FYS.
  • First Year Symposium will take place in the University Center Lonestar Ballrooms.
  • Seminar, Composition WILL NOT meet on Tuesday, Nov. 29th. Large lecture WILL MEET ON that day!

Your task:

First Year Symposium: Documenting the Voices of Triad K

  • The First Year Program at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi needs you to record, document, and preserve the events of the First Year Symposium this Fall 2016 semester. Your task is to document First Year Symposium (FYS) so that next year’s incoming students will have a better idea of what they should expect when it comes time for them to present their research at FYS. You may complete this individually or in your working groups to complete this task.
  • In order to collect the information necessary to complete this assignment, you must:
    • Observe your peers/classmates as they prepare their presentations
    • Conduct brief interviews with students as they prepare for their presentation
    • Attend FYS on November 29th to conduct further observation and interviews of presenters,attendees, and faculty
    • Interview and observe the Triad K faculty
    • Document the event by taking photographs or video of the event

  • After you have completed your interviews and observations you will create one of the following:
    • Newspaper Article (This option is not available for group projects.)
    • A Informative Video - five minutes in length total
    • A Twitter Campaign(with a unique hashtag),Instagram Gallery of Photos with appropriate captions
    • Create a Prezi or PowerPoint
    • Create a website like Wix or Weebly to post content
    Alternative ideas must be approved by your Seminar instructor and Dr. Muñoz.

  • You may choose not to use all of the information you collect, but should choose the best information based on your audience (next year’s freshmen who will participate in FYS). It is your job to figure out what information will be most useful to those students. Whatever you create must be informative and organized so that we can use it to show our students next year.
  • These projects will be due no later than Friday, December 9th by midnight on Blackboard. You will upload your project under the link within the Content Folder.
    • Early submissions are welcomed. :)

Group submissions:

  • Micaela & Eternity - Powerpoint
  • Miguel G., Eliott, Josh, Raphael - Powerpoint
  • Miguel M., Mia - Powerpoint
  • Delegacy, Jennie, Frances - ?
  • Megan, Mark - website
  • Nathan, Ben, Matt - video
  • Stefano, Jose - video
  • Gavin, Quinn - Powerpoint
  • Gage, Mike - Powerpoint
  • Kyle, Mary, Sarah, Kimball - Prezi
  • Danny, Ryan - Powerpoint
  • G., Savana - Powerpoint
  • Andrea, Gabby - Powerpoint

Individual submissions:

  • Angela M. - Powerpoint or website
  • Ashley G. - website
  • Alisa - Instagram or photography
  • Colby - Instagram
  • Andres - Newspaper
  • Ben B. - Powerpoint
  • Jada - ?
  • Katie - ?
  • Hesh - ?
  • Kevin - Powerpoint
  • Hannah - Powerpoint
  • Edie - ?
  • Kerstyn - ?
  • Elizabeth - Powerpoint or Instagram
  • Tim
  • Vanessa

Good luck!