• I'll be handing out WIRED mags to each group.
    • Each group will receive two mags, opened to the final page (which has a flow chart on it)
    • Your job, as a group, is to identify the differences between the flow charts you've received and the kind of flow charts used in computer science!
  • Pay attention to:
    • Symbols
    • Flow (duh!)
    • Decisions
    • Loops(?)
    • Function
    • Solutions
  • On a sheet of paper, answer the following questions:
  1. Why did the author(s) of your examples choose the symbols they did? (and why do they (not?) make sense?)
  2. For whom might they have written the flow charts you've examined?
  3. Could these flow charts work for a computer programmer? Why or why not?
  • I'll collect your group's pages at the end of class and we'll discuss the results on Tuesday!