1-20-09 Today i learned about the qualities of good writing. I learned there is more to good writing then good grammar, organization, and figurative language. It is good to capture the readers attention and run with it. It is also good to write about events and ideas that people relate to. This keeps the reader interested. I also learned about what other types of writing that people in my class enjoy. Some people enjoy poetry and song lyrics, and others enjoy novels and articles. It was nice to hear everyones opinions on what good writing means to them. It broadened my perspective on the subject.

1-22-09 In everyday life, people are constantly being persuaded. For me, I commonly try to persuade people to look at views and ideas from my perspective and to try to get them to agree with me or at least see where I am coming from. A lot of my persuasion is with relation to the Catholic Church, religion, and my views on topics such a abortion and women rights. I try to persuade people to go to church with me or to be open minded about situations. I am also persuasive in everyday life such as trying to get my friends to go to the gym with me, or persuading my parents to give me the money to do something. I am persuaded by other people by others wanting me to do stuff for them such as drive them to the grocery store, or let them borrow my things. Persuasion is sometimes looked at negatively such as peer pressure, but it can also be used for good.

1-27-09 Today the class looked for examples in the media of fallacies. I found one in an axe body spray commercial. This ad was using good premises. Smelling good is attractive, therefore if you smell good you are attractive. The topic that i will be following for the next couple weeks is the freedom of choice act and abortion. I believe i will be able to find many fallacies in this. Two fallacies that I have already seen in pro choice articles are generalizations about the public, majority rules, and appeal to emotions.

1-29-09 The topic that I chose for portfolio one is abortion and the new Freedom of Choice Act. This act will legalize abortion in all 50 states and also set up free and more accessable family planning and sex education classes. The reason for passing this act is to hopefully educate people more on sex and chldren and hopefully that will reduce the amount of abortions. Obama also passed this act because he believes in freedom of choice and that women should have the right to choose what they want. I chose this topic because it is something that i have strong beliefs about and it is an issue that I care about. I do not believe in freedom of choice. I believe everything happens for a reason, so we should protect the lives of the unborn. After writing about my issue for 15 min I discovered that it will be easy to detect bias in my articele, but in most of my articles they do write about both sides of the issue. Authors of the articles usually write about Bush's view on abortion (not legalizing) and Obamas views (legalizing). There is persuasion involved on both parts in most of the articles I am looking at. I did not learn much from reading the articles because before the portfolio I was already actively engaged in the subject. This writing is different from most of the writing I have done in college because I have never written on persuasion, and I have never had to look for that in others writings.

2-5-09 From the issues watch I have learned more about the Freedom of Choice Act and Obamas reasoning reason for wanting to pass it. He believes that by passing this act it will educated people more on family planning and sex education thus lowering the amount of abortions that will happen. I understand his thought process but I still do not agree with the act. I believe there is a better way to educate people without legalizing aborting n every state. In all of my articles, the authors put the presidents views in the article and in some articles they focus on the majority of the people. The main topics on abortion discussed are the freedom of choice act, the decision to legalize abortion, and peoples values, morals, and faith.

2-12 My own biases and opinions definatly affect my interpretation of the article. As I read the articles, I kept looking for ways to interpret what the author was saying in a way that would agree with what I was thinking. I wanted every article to correspond with my beliefs about abortion even though I knew I needed to be looking for different views as well. The personal beliefs that I value all mainly relate to my faith and trust in God. These beliefs make me very opposed to abortion and the new abortion laws that Obama wants to pass, and it makes it hard to read articles that go against my beliefs. God, Church, Catholisism, my family, pro life groups, bible study groups, Campus Crusades for Christ, and my family all have an influence on my personal values.

2-19 To me, academic writing means writing based on your knowledge and research of a topic. I believe that this project document is a form of academic writing because we are using our research from the media to support our opinions. It seems to be a little different then the other types of academic writing that i have done because this project documents also requires the incorporation of my own values and opinions, and it is not strictly facts and research. I think i have written my project document a little differently than other papers that I have written in my past. Once again, I believe it is because this paper is more personal and based off of my views and opinions. Normally, my academic papers are written on research that I have obtained and it is me stating facts. Also, the audience that I am writing to is more broad because it is a important social issue that is widely known. In my paper, I think that pro life supporters would be more likely to be engaged in my paper then anyone else.

2-24 In portfolio 1 I believe I expressed my opinions and beliefs with excellence. I feel like what i said what I wanted to say, and that my point of view was clear. I feel that my feelings about abortion and the Freedom of Choice Act were strongly displayed in my paper, and I felt that I had good comments on persuasion in the media. I feel like I did a good job in pin pointing the persuasion that I found in my articles. Something I could have improved on is I could have focused on my opposing beliefs more. I could have talked more about why pro choice advocates believe what they do, and not just focused on why I think that they are wrong.

2-26 The topic that I chose first was music. I feel like there is a lot that i could write about, and there are many ways that i could go about writing a paper on music. Out of my top five choices, the ones that are most interesting to me are music and faith/Catholisism. I know a lot about my faith, but I think it would be cool to learn more about it and music has always been a big part of my life. I was in band and i played the flute, and I also play guitar. A lot of musics that I play on guitar is praise and worship musics, so maybe i could find a way to combine my top two choices of faith and music. As i wrote about my top 5 choices, not much else came to mind that I didnt already have on my 100 things i like list. But my top 5 list did help me narrow it down to about 1 or 2 topics that I would like to write about.

3-3 I got some good ideas from my classmates in our discussion about portfolios today. I learned that I should get more than 15 sources to start out with because the library may not have a book that they said they did, and a journal entry might not show up in the library or online. I just need to stay on top of things and not let myself get behind. The reason I am interested in my topic of music is because I love music, and I spend a lot of my time doing things that involve music. I play guitar and write my own songs and i am constantly looking up new artists and researching bands that I like. My interest in music carries over to my research because I am researching the effects that music has on society. I believe music has a big impact on our culture and the way humans behave.

3-5 I feel that so far my research is going well. I went to the library and there are tons of books on music, music in society, sociology of music, and just several studies that were conducted with music. I feel that books will most likely be my main source. I have found a few articles on my topic. I haven't really looked into them yet, so I don't know if they will be useful to me or not. I plan on looking into those sometime early next week. Class time has been a little helpful to me. I chose my topic during class time, but as far as researching my topic I feel I need to have access to the books in the library for me to make a lot of progress. I am making a lot of progress on my research, and I do not feel that I am procrastinating.

3-10 Music has a big impact on society whether we realize it or not. The impact may be positive or negative, depending on a persons morals, beliefs, and point of views. I believe that music has an impact on society because it changes peoples behavior. In my paper, I will be discussing the correlation and relationships between music and human behavior. Music is a way that people express themselves, and we can learn a lot about people as individuals through the music they listen too or the music the create. By learning about the types of music that people like, we can study the relationship between people and their personalities, but be can also see how that personality impacts society.

3-24 My research has brought many things into perspective for me. I have learned about how much music has an impact on individuals lives and on society. Music is the cause for a lot of personal expression and it speaks very loudly to the public. Music can cause alterations in peoples behavior through thoughts, words, and actions. All of these are things that people use to impact society. It can bring about change such as feelings of power and domination, relaxation, happiness, lonliness, and much more. With all of these feelings, people change there actions and therefore affect society. It may bring about sexual liberation, drug usage, protests and debates, suicidal thoughts, and more.

3-31 My main goal for portfolio three is to accurately reflect my viewpoint and my sources viewpoints on the topic of how music influences society. I want my portfolio to clearly express my ideas and research that I have obtained during my work on portfolio two. In my presentation I hope to express how important music is to society, and how much of an impact music has on individuals actions and behaviors. These behaviors and actions are what leave an impression in our world. From this project I will take many skills with me that will help me in the future. The writing process has taught me a lot. I have learned to stay on top of things and not procrastinate. If I work on my project a little each day, my end results will be much better than if I did the project all at the last minute. The writing process gives me more time to collect my thoughts, and to come up with a better explaination for my opinions and viewpoints.

4-7-09 The genres that my class mates have chosen are mainly magazines, commercials, short films, web pages, comics, and journals. These genres all have to do with the media. I think my classmates are choosing genres like this because they see the media as a powerful source to relay information to the public, so in order for there topic to be heard, they want to chose genres that relate to the media. I have learned that there are many ways that people can express themselves besides spoken communication. My classmates brought up a wide variety of genres in which ways we can express ourselves and our message to society.

4-14 The audience of my paper is people of all ages, particularly people who listen to music often. Teenagers are a good audience for my paper. From this portfolio, I plan to take out skills such as organization, writing process, and time management. I also plan to learn from my research as well. From the knowledge I gain from my topic, I plan to put it in action. My topic is valuable because it discusses the impact of music on peoples lives. What people listen to effects their moods, behaviors, and actions. All of these things are what impact our society as a whole.