Setting up your Student Pages!

First, I will go over the basics, then we will create a space to begin your assignments. fakestudent


Let's start today with your first freewrite! Keep in mind that freewriting has no structure, other than that you should try to write continuously without stopping to think about it too much. I will give you a prompt before we begin freewrites, but you should let your thoughts guide your actual writing.

Today, I would like for you think for a moment about your chosen major. If you are undecided, consider your personal aspirations and dreams. Imagine where those specific motivations will take you five years from now and the kind of person you will be as a result. Once you have taken a minute to ponder this, begin freewriting and I will let you know when to wrap up.

Portfolio Discussion:

Let's talk about the first portfolio and what will be expected from you.


  • Read pages 9 and 10 in your Islander Guide to Writing (IGW) and the Wikipedia entry on genre
  • Look over syllabus and our class web page.
  • Find one example of writing that describes or reflects your connection to your major and/or personal goals.
    • This piece of writing can come from any genre.
    • It can also be something you bring to class or something you can access online or, at the very least, describe to the class in detail. In other words, make sure that it is something meaningful to you!
    • This will count as your second homework assignment!
    • Be prepared to write about it on Wednesday!
  • Try to add a picture of yourself to the Student Pages. If you have trouble with this, send me an email!