Objective Research Draft due!


  • Freewrite today about your holiday plans!
    • Are you traveling?
    • Are you scheduling time for your school stuff?
    • Are you excited?!? :D


  • Get into four groups and analyze the visual rhetoric of some paintings,
    including this one. -->
    • Use your computer resources if you need to!
    • We'll present when you finish :)

FYC Sign-Up!


  • Make sure you have access to your essay and research materials when you come to class Monday.
    • We'll be doing in-class conferencing, which means I won't be able to help you without your materials!
  • Next week, you'll be doing some peer review. Because of the holiday, you'll be expected to complete this outside the classroom; therefore, you'll need to post a revised draft to your wiki page so that your classmates can see it.
    • The revised draft isn't due until Wednesday, but it would be a good idea to attempt some revision over the weekend!