• Today we begin our adventure into college level research! Take a few minutes to freewrite about your experiences with research so far and what your expectations are for researching as a college student.

heavy duty research

Writing Exercise

  • Let's begin exploring some issues that you might like to research for the remainder of the semester.
  • First, we're going to do a writing exercise that will (hopefully) help you generate some ideas.
  • Here's how it goes:
  1. Start a new wikilink on your student page and number it 1-100.
  2. At the top of the page, write "100 Things That Captivate and Motivate Me" or "100 Things I Want To Be an Expert On" or "100 Things That I Can Do With My Degree." You can choose any of these (or alter them a bit), just pick the one that you think you connect with the most.
  3. Write your list.
  • Here are some things to keep in mind when you write:
    • It's OK to repeat.
    • Write as fast as you can.
    • You don't have to write in complete sentences.
    • It's OK to repeat.
    • Your entries don't have to make sense.
    • Just get it down...write fast!
  • Don't worry about grammar or punctuation, etc. Just try to make it all the way to 100.
  • We're going to spend at least 20 minutes on this writing because I want to make sure you get as far as you can on the list.
  • Try not to focus on the numbers too much, just keep writing. Remember, you don't have to use complete sentences, but you can if it helps.


  • Spend some time looking over your list and identify the 5 most important to you.
  • Write a brief (2-3 sentences) summary of what you know about these 5 things and bring them to class!