• Today, I'd like for you to freewrite about your research topic again, but specifically:
    • What have you learned about your topic that you didn't know before?
    • Have you made any connections to alternative topics through your research?
    • Has your topic changed at all (have you narrowed it down)?

Evaluating Sources (Getting Picky)

  • At this point in your research, you should be browsing (reading abstracts, skimming, etc.) enough sources that you have an idea about how to narrow your topic down to something manageable.
    • If you haven't looked at many sources yet, you probably won't know what I'm talking about! Get those databases fired up when you get back home!
  • Once you've got a few sources that really stand out to you, it's time to start focusing your research on related materials!
    • The 5 sources you turn in annotations for on Monday should demonstrate some connections; an Annotated Bibliography that covers too many different things won't do you much good when you begin your Research Paper!
  • Let's examine some ways to determine the viability of your current research and also whether or not you've got sources that demonstrate that particular topic focus.
    • After we discuss some examples from your work so far, I'll let you use the remaining time to put these ideas into practice while I work with you one-on-one.
    • Use this time wisely!!