• Today's freewrite will be based on your writing preferences.
    • Now that you're beginning to put together a portfolio based on your "college-ness", your should have an idea of the habits you've brought with you in regard to your writing.
    • Do you stay up late? Do you handwrite before typing? Do you take breaks? Do you follow an outline? All of these things are part of your unique writing practices, what we call preferences. Take a moment to reflect on them.
    • When you're ready, I'll start you off freewriting about it.

Preferences Discussion

  • Here's a quick little nugget of wisdom from author Steven Pressfield.
    • Did anyone include things like Mr. Pressfield did? How are his practices valuable? How do things like that help us write?
    • He also mentioned research...let's take a minute to jump into that discussion!

A Fun Little Song

  • Rita wanted to share this with you, but it didn't load. Hopefully it works today!

Portfolio Discussion

  • Let's examine how this thing is supposed to be Organized)!

Conference Sign-Ups


Movie screening Monday @ 7pm in ST101! Awesome!


  • Over the next few days, play this game!
    • Make sure to follow the directions...the game on this link is not actually the game! The instructions will guide you to it!
  • See how far you can get with only your knowledge of the story, but once you have experimented a bit, use this walkthrough to "guide" you through the game.
  • Be sure to check out section 7: 'For Your Amusement' and try some of these commands!