• Freewrite about the difference between an author and a writer. When would you use the first term to describe the creator of a text and when would you use the second instead?


  • Here is Porter's reference to intertexuality in cultural media.
    • How does this correspond to your ideas about readers and writers?
  • How does his example demonstrate his iteration of discourse communities? He asks us:
    • "Does the writer have any [freedom]? Is any writer doomed to plagiarism? Can any text be said to be new? Are creativity and genius actually possible?" (WAW, 93). What do you think?

H2G2 Discussion


  • Read The Joy of Reading and Writing, by Sherman Alexie on page 362 and Shitty First Drafts by Anne Lamott on page 301.
  • List your literacy experiences, as many as you can think of, then write about their significance in relation to each other and your discourse communities. You should have at least a page and a half, separate from your list, that discusses your literacy, when you return to class on Wednesday.
    • Your discussion should consider not only what experiences have shaped your literacy, but in what way thay have shaped them. Remember that this is just drafting and doesn't have to be polished! Content is much more valuable than style at this point in your writing!