H2G2 Discussion

  • Let's spend 15 minutes or so discussing the list you made on Wednesday.
    • If you don't have it available to you, you need to send a copy to me via email so that you can get credit for Wednesdays class.
  • What examples from the H2G2 have you discussed already? What other examples might we help with, collaboratively?
  • Sharing ideas is ok!

Peer Review

  • Now that we've discussed some potential avenues for revision, let's share with each other what we've already got.
    • Today we'll get into unfamiliar groups of three (I'll number you off) and you'll share your draft with the other members of your group
  • Remember to be slow and careful when reviewing. Sometimes it helps to skim first without commenting, then go back slowly and add your feedback.
  • Always keep comments constructive and positive; don't trash a work in progress!
  • Use the Golden Rule: give feedback to others as you would have them give feedback to you.


  • Work toward an editable draft over the weekend.
  • Be prepared for the deadline!