Wiki Basics

Set Up student pages for practice with wiki

Portfolio 1 discussion

Lets discuss what you learned from the wikipedia entry on genre. We should be able to incorporate a discussion of the personal narrative into this! Use this list for reference!

Journaling discussion

I'm going to read you a poem! We'll discuss it a bit before moving on to the activity, which involves:

  • Sentence Stems
  • Freewrite
  • next Monday's journal



Topic Selection

  • Make a list of current issues that you find interesting. Try to list as many as you can without stopping to think about it too hard. Just throw every idea you come up with onto the page.
  • Take this list and narrow down the topics that you might be able to relate to an important issue from another generation.
  • We'll use these lists to get started on your first portfolio draft!


  • Read chapters 2&3 in the Islander Guide to Writing, as well as this short piece by Amy Tan called Mother Tongue
  • Try to start your journal entry for the week, so that you don't have to write it all at the last minute. Even if you only get a couple sentences on the page, you will have an idea of what you can add to it over the weekend!



Take a minute to review Amy Tan's piece from Wednesday's class plans. Write for 10 minutes about what her message means to you. How can you relate to her experience? Did you learn anything from reading this?

Discourse Communities

MySpace Activity: Grouping Your "Friends"

Take 20 minutes to find a partner and "interview" each other about your discourse communities. Try to gather information that we can discuss as a class (what communities do you share? what communities are you a part of that differ from your partner's, and in what ways?).


  • Read Sherman Alexie's short story.
  • Complete your journal entry.
  • Be prepared to write your initial impressions on the reading (Monday's freewrite).
  • Think about your own discourse communities and how you might express your writing in and through them.
  • Be prepared to discuss on Monday!