Common Sense reading assignments (also in Voices of Freedom):

Section 192 (8am class)

Section 183 (1pm class)

Section 184 (2pm class)

Let's break it down...with a hashtag battle!

  • Get into the groups listed above
  • Come up with a list of at least three arguments that Paine made in your assigned chapter. Then, create a hashtag (or two or three) to represent each of the arguments. :)
  • Post your group's arguments/hashtags to the appropriate Google Doc! (Section 192) (Section 183) (Section 184) :)
  • Discussion questions:
    • How easy was Common Sense to read compared to other reading you're doing? (Would you CHOOSE to read this on your own?! Side Note/Video)
    • How many different reasons does Paine give for declaring independence from the British?
    • How would you rank these reasons from LAME (1) to VALID (5)?