(From Dr. Araiza's syllabus...)

4 Exams: 12%, 15%, 18%, 20%, respectively.
There will be four exams over the course of the semester, each exam will be comprised of two parts. The first part will be structured using multiple choice questions. These questions will pertain to social facts and the social phenomena that we are examining. The second part will be comprised of an essay. This essay will ask you to explain “the sociological why” related to the social facts presented. These essays will require that you use material from your assigned readings and from lecture. You will be permitted to use a 3x5” notecard on the day of the exam. Expectations related to the notecard are discussed under class policies.

Students need to bring a pencil or a pen and their 3x5” notecard to the exam. Once the exams are distributed, you will be permitted to leave the classroom ONLY AFTER you have completed your exam. Those arriving after the first student submits his/her exam WILL NOT be permitted to complete the exam. Exam grades will be posted no more than two weeks after the scheduled exam date. Exams will be stored in my office. If you have questions regarding the grade of your exam, you can come to my office to discuss those with me. Be aware that, after reviewing your exam, I reserve the right to modify your grade UP or DOWN.

Every effort should be made to be present for ALL scheduled Exams. The dates of the Exams are posted on the calendar. Should a student miss a scheduled exam, he/she will be permitted to make up exam. Missed exams will be made up on the day of the final. Given that students missing an exam have more time to review material and have opportunities to discuss material with other students who completed the exam, students having to make up the exam WILL NOT be able to use any materials when taking a “make-up.”