(From Dr. Araiza's syllabus...)

In-Class Write-Up (ICW): 20% Each.
There are a total of three in-class write-ups. In-class write ups will be graded on a 100 point-scale. Each in-class write up will consist of two parts. The first part will consist of three-to-five short-answer questions; the second part will consist of an essay. The two portions will be weighted equally. Your write-up must be finished within the scheduled class time. You will be allowed to use a single 3x5' handwritten notecard for the ICWs.

Students need to bring a pencil or a pen and their 3x5' notecard to the exam. Once the ICWs are distributed, you will be permitted to leave the classroom ONLY AFTER you have completed your exam. Those arriving after the first student submits his/her exam WILL NOT be permitted to complete the ICW.

Graded ICWs will be returned no more than two weeks after the scheduled ICW date. ICWs not picked up on the day they are distributed will be stored in my office. If you have questions regarding the grade of your ICW, you can come to my office to discuss those with me. Be aware that, after reviewing your ICW, I reserve the right to modify your grade UP or DOWN.

More Stuff:

  • You can come in early to set your stuff down, but we'll ask you to leave around 9:15 so we can set things up!
  • Put only your A-NUMBER on the exam. No names please! (Why?)
  • Put your A-NUMBER on your note card. (Why?)
  • There's no pencil sharpener in the room, but I might have one...